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Improve organization efficiency and boost operational productivity with our easy-to-use safety reporting software

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Improve organization efficiency and boost
operational productivity with our easy-to-use safety reporting software

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Report incidents in quick-time

Any occurrence that disrupts the smooth flow of your business operations is an incident and should be immediately reported and properly documented

Explore a variety of report categories below;


  • bullet Damage
  • bullet Theft
  • bullet Maintenance


  • bullet Injury
  • bullet Emergency
  • bullet Others
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Seamless inspection setup

Your inspection process can be streamlined by converting your old paper form into digital inspection forms, which can be done in a matter of minutes. This will make the inspection much more seamless.

Why choose us

  • bullet Customizable templates
  • bullet Assign inspections to anyone.
  • bullet Easily schedule inspections
  • bullet Generate and share custom reports
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Total visibility into your activities

When it comes to data visualization, imagine a dashboard that allows you to interact with the data and discover new and exciting insights. With the help of our dashboard, you can see what your company is up to.

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Create and share custom reports

Create a report that showcases your distinct brand right away when an inspection is finished. By tapping a finger, you may instantly share it with your team, management, clients, or customers.

Features tailored to your needs.

No more unstructured paperwork or waiting for authorization. QCloseSafety digitizes all your data, enabling
you to make better business decisions.

Service Management Tools

Explore a wide range of integrated service management tools designed to smoothen your business processes and facilitate intra-organizational communication.

Track reports

You are never kept in the dark.You can track the progress of your report, with every stage of the resolution process within your view, while every single detail is accounted for.

Analytic Tools

Get actionable insights into organizational trends, downtime to response time ratio as well as overall team performance.

Instant Feedback

Be in touch with your data by getting automatic feedback once an incident report has been filed.

Cross-browser compatibility

Whether your employees are visiting our portal through Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, we have properly optimized our portal to guarantee you quality User Experience across board.

24/7 Support

Take advantage of our round the clock customer-service support system. This guarantees you instant resolution on technical related issues experienced while using our portal.

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